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The second album from Ukrainian band came quite late to my mailbox for review, but I am pleased that it did, as Over the Rainbow is a revelation, being a wonderfully fresh mixture of metal, core and prog - sort of Killswitch Engage meets Periphery - but with the grandiose overtures of Dio era Sabbath. The extraordinarily gifted five-piece includes two vocalists, founder member Andry Gushin on clean and Jullian Torse on extreme. Both men possess amazing voices and alongside the weight of quality in the songwriting, this is a release that necessitates serious scrutiny. Tracks like the atmospherically ferocious Goliath, the doom ladened Only Lies, the thunderous Artemis and the very Devin Townsend infused title track are songs up there with the best! in their field, and the mad beyond belief version of the Steve Miller Band classic Abracadabra must be heard to be believed. Korypheus are that special treat that you always wanted to try but never thought you would like, but once tried, you can't get enough of. Like fellow countrymen (and woman) Jinjer, Korypheus have that same intensive uniqueness and persona, and with some luck Over the Rainbow can catapult the band to the same level of notoriety. I really hope that comes to pass, as this is a band I would seriously like to see live, and very soon. POWERPOINTS: 9 of 10. KEITH BRYANT

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